The “Actual” Great Debate

J.K: *talking to her characters* If anyone has anything they wish to say, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Snape: “I believe I have something to say…not to insult your writing Mrs. Rowling, but c’mon. I’m a good guy, I haven’t committed any major crimes other than casting a few Unforgivable Curses here and there, but that’s besides the point. My point is that I’ve been doing some reading, and for some unknown reason I seem to be the character you pick on the most and….

Harry: *interrupting Severus* YOU?!?! she picks on YOU the most??? I live in a shoe closet, with a family that can’t stand me! Not to mention that in just about every book I always end up in a huge battle with a new bad guy that almost kills me. Every. Single. Time.

J.K: Boys boys, that’s enough. Let’s settle this in a sophisticated manner. Both of you present your best points, and even though I (as the author) know who I favored and least favored in the series, will tell you who won me over in your “debate”.

Snape & Harry: *both start arguing over each other*

Hermione: HEYYYY! *silence* please just shut up. Harry, you go first, and Professor Snape you can go after him. Let’s all be adults about this.

Harry: Thank you Hermione. As I was saying, you’ve just about killed me seven different times lady. One time by a guy who literally had 2 faces. One near death experience was thanks to a giant snake for crying out loud, and another in some stupid TriWizard Tournament that I didn’t even sign up for!

Snape: My turn! Harry I have a question for you. You complain about all your close encounters with death but, are you dead?

Harry: ….no

Snape: WELL I AM! SHE KILLED ME. I shouldn’t even have to continue arguing my point because that should win it, but I’m going to keep the ball rolling anyways. Harry, she let your mother pick your father over me, and he was just about the most horrid person I had ever met, besides your godfather. And then Mrs. Hot Shot Author over here decides to keep reminding me of my failure with Lily by giving me you as a student! The only thing I am thankful for is that she let me be absolutely terrible to you without Dumbledore ever coming to your rescue.

Harry: *silent*

Snape: HA. Cat got your tongue Harry? Or are you just surrendering because you finally realize that I did in fact get the raw end of the deal in these books.

J.K Rowling: Is that how you feel Harry?

Harry: …I have had the wizarding world’s most known, wanted, and feared murderer after me since I was a baby. And yes, I did actually have to die for a short period of time in order to finally defeat him.

*whole room goes silent*

Harry: I rest my case.

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The Great Debate

I’m going to release a little bit of my inner nerd for this blog post folks. I was inspired to do this topic thanks to a writing prompt I found on a site my english teacher recommended for us. There is where I found the million dollar question: “If all the characters from all the books you’ve read got together and had a debate about which of them deserves to be the most upset with their author, who would win?” I have unfortunately been weened off my old reading addiction thanks to school and sports. However this question required almost no thought for me. The answer was simple; Severus Snape. His author, J.K Rowling, not only managed to make him one of the most hated characters in the series (with the obvious exception of He Who Must not be Named), but also made him meet his untimely demise before the last book was even published. On top of that he could argue the point that he also didn’t get the girl. Instead one of his bullies in school would marry his first love, and later have a child that would forever remind Severus of his failure. Whoever was the inspiration behind Rowling’s Severus Snape must have not given her a good first, second, or third impression.

National Geographic

When I was scrolling through the impressive collection National Geographic has of such beautiful pictures, this one managed to catch my eye. I’m not sure if it’s the human like innocence the gorilla in this picture seems to possess or if it’s the black and white that made it stand out. Either way it intrigued me, just as it said it intrigued the photographer. The picture, even though lacking color, manages to be so full of life and happiness that is relayed from the expression of the gorilla to whomever is viewing the photograph. The “forest” behind him seems homey, and the perfect place for a beautiful creature like him to inhabit. He seems beyond content with life and just as interested in the visitors to his enclosure as they are in him


More than Meets the Eye

There are many stereotypical things that could come to a person’s mind when they think about the typical high school junior at a suburban school, but I personally believe that my high school would prove many of those people wrong.

Now I’m not positive that everyone has the same image of what the suburban teen should be, but I have a pretty good idea of what the majority probably think. My guess is that people see us as know it all city kids who don’t like to get there hands dirty, and that our futures either consist of Harvard or jail . Of course there might be some students here that fit “the mold” perfectly, but I’m very proud to say that in my opinion my school is a very diverse place; who is also very good at accepting its diversity and learning to love it. I know many young girls and guys who take animals to our local fair (my best friend for example raises pigs and cows right in her own backyard), as well as people that may not have college in their future but they know what they want to do. These kids apply for a program called CTC, where they can go and specialize in the field they are interested in while also taking math, english, and other regular courses. Again, I’m not saying we break every single stereotype out there, but we certainly make people question themselves, and make themselves ask if they were right about the “common suburban teen”, or if there is more than meets the eye. 

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One More Year

One more year. I only have one more year until I am a senior in highschool and I have to go on college visits, be responsible, and worry about my future. A big part of me is scared. But there’s also a part that is beyond excited to see what I have in store for me. It wasn’t until recently that I really started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life after high school, and then after college. But I have a feeling my hopes and dreams that I have for myself right now will change after I get a few years of college under my belt. Maybe not even a few years; my sister is in her first semester of college as a freshman and has already changed her major. Even though college and becoming an adult is a little creepy at times, I wouldn’t say I’m sad about growing up. My best friend on the other hand is a blubbering mess if I start to talk about graduation with her. But despite the heartbreak or excitement becoming an adult comes with, I am living up my high school years for now and making sure I don’t have any regrets when it comes time to pay my own bills.

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