Home or Everywhere Else?

If on your 18th birthday you had to choose to leave your country forever, or stay forever, what would your decision be? This choice for some would be so simple. For me it is one that requires much thought and consideration. If I left my country forever I would basically be leaving my life behind. I would have to start over in a new place, with new people and new opportunities. And if I didn’t already love my life so much this would sound very appealing, but I do. On the other hand a perk of leaving is that after you leave you can travel anywhere your heart desires, besides your home country. A part of me would like to see what it would be like to start over, and have the chance to travel the world and explore with minuscule limits. But an even bigger part wouldn’t be able to give up the wonderful life that my parents have provided for me. I am fortunate enough to have two parents that love me unconditionally (another that watches over me from above), a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and plenty of food on my table every day. So I choose to answer this question with a question of my own. Why would I want to leave such a life behind?


What If?

There are many struggles and hardships that people face in life, but in my opinion one of the worst things a person has to deal with is the feeling of “what if”. Below losing a loved one or an actual midlife crisis, being unsure if you made the right decision is like having a forever weight on your shoulders. Having to look back on a situation and think, “what could’ve been?” is almost tiring. It’s all you can think about, and even when you try to think about something else, your brain always goes back to the same question. What if? What if I had just given it a shot? What if I hadn’t listened to what everyone else was telling me, and listened to myself instead?


As a teenager, sometimes I wish life had a pause button. Or that it would at least slow down so I could have time to catch up. But since we all know that isn’t possible, I resort to just escaping reality for a little while. Several different methods of escape are used based on the type of teen you are dealing with. For some it’s sports, music, art or any other hobby you can think of. Mine used to be sports, but lately it seems as if the main thing I’m trying to take a mental break from is sports. It’s just too much for me to handle sometimes. It feels like I’m drowning in responsibilities and expectations, and just a few seconds of forgetting about all these pressures feels like a 1,000 lb weight being lifted from my shoulders. Life is stressful and really hard sometimes, but you have to decide for yourself if you’re going to give up or keep going because no one can make that decision for you. And dealing with a couple bad days is just the price you have to pay to getting a million great days in the end. Taking a few escapes along the way doesn’t hurt either.

Image Citation: “Sunrise” by Brian Norton https://www.flickr.com/photos/beej2001/3482559108/in/photolist-6iK2uy-4bL1Kj-2c8SsT-yKtCt-nNMx7k-aLzhsk-ai2tGw-fFbYf6-fQkF4D-FZtrsC-p67B1S-7ZGLmW-5cbS8e-nMTM47-4dsMRD-gMKABW-kVgfnH-4dwLRj-jrUjow-b1dxFX-4Qz3Di-6agpWC-fYsSPm-74pRwd-gSsnh1-7tvmZB-73rXMm-7WnTkq-cHbryS-4QDgpN-91dhuY-5SxkGa-7WjB7B-no21fF-rxFNQ1-bAH7wa-7t6ZTV-5WoCjm-ddqM3E-3RAfab-7iY5Di-ausMzs-gwaMaf-avaoBr-auq7BV-4seq1x-jyQSQZ-ausTvq-qom4Ud-4zUVa8 Creative Commons Licensed