I’m Like You

I’m like you

I love you

yes I used the word love

I want to consume you

Make you smile

I’m like you

refusing to take

but wanting to give

Let me give to you

Let me love you

I am like you.



Peace. It took me awhile to choose the one word I was going to use to describe myself for 2017, but after mulling it over for a good 15 minutes I had decided. Peace. And not because I want world peace or anything (don’t get me wrong that sounds good too), but because I want to find a way to be peaceful with my life and the choices I am making in it. I don’t want to be as stressed about school or friends, but I want to be able to be relaxed and handle everything that comes my way in a calm, and peaceful manner. If I am able to do this it will be a definite change from 2016. I used to think way too far into situations, but I hope to be somewhat of a whole new person in 2017.