Our Generation

I have been thinking a lot lately about how messed up our generation’s views of love is. People have gotten so used to seeing divorce and unsuccessful relationships that people don’t fight as hard for love anymore. But teenagers need to realize that fighting for a marriage is different than fighting for a high school relationship. When you’re married you are committed, and have vows of love to one another; in high school you are having fun. If your significant other hurts you, or does you wrong there is nothing wrong with breaking up with them right then and there. I see way too many girls staying with the same person because they “love” them, and it’s not that easy to break up with someone you love like that. Or because they think it would be giving up on the relationship. I also hate seeing people investing all their time in finding someone else instead of focusing on themselves. Don’t get me wrong I think boyfriends or girlfriends (if they’re the right one) can help you be a better you and express yourself, but no one can make you more you than YOU!


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