Show Hopping

I have recently been feeling a little bit of writer’s block when it comes to my blogs. I haven’t had any creative breakthroughs, or even any ideas for that matter. So I turned to googling writing prompts for as much inspiration as I could find. That is when I stumbled upon this gem, “Take your favorite TV show character of all time and put him or her into a different show that you enjoy.” And I immediately knew who I would write about, and what new TV show I would send him to. I would send Dwight K. Schrute, from The Office, to participate in the MTV dating show called Are You The One. If you have never seen any of these shows just know Are You The One is the last place you would ever find a man like Mr. Schrute. Dwight is a beet farmer/paper salesman/volunteer policeman if that helps you imagine him at all. And as far as I’ve seen the requirements to even be on this drama filled dating show are a nice body, gorgeous face, and a whole lot of attitude. And while Dwight sure can have some sass, he is no where near the kind of man those producers usually put on the show. It would just greatly amuse me to see Dwight attempt to start a relationship with any of those girls, and to see their reactions when he starts telling them about himself and his incredibly interesting beet farming life.


13 Reasons Why

I have recently started watching the new show 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and it is really hitting me hard. I have only known one person who thought that ending their own life was the only way out of life, but I had no idea what they were going through when they were going through it. It really makes me hope that if anyone is ever feeling as alone as Hannah was, that they find someone or something to hold onto until they are in a better place. And I aspire to be someone that could be there for someone who is feeling that way. The show is very emotional, and makes you feel for everyone who knew Hannah (except Bryce and Courtney). If any of my friends are faced with the situations she was in, or are just feeling extremely lonely I want them to know that they can tell me, and that I will be there for them no matter what everyone else is saying. I believe this show can be very eye opening for anyone who hasn’t thought about how real suicide is and how much it affects everyone involved with the victim. It should not be taken lightly.