13 Reasons Why

I have recently started watching the new show 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and it is really hitting me hard. I have only known one person who thought that ending their own life was the only way out of life, but I had no idea what they were going through when they were going through it. It really makes me hope that if anyone is ever feeling as alone as Hannah was, that they find someone or something to hold onto until they are in a better place. And I aspire to be someone that could be there for someone who is feeling that way. The show is very emotional, and makes you feel for everyone who knew Hannah (except Bryce and Courtney). If any of my friends are faced with the situations she was in, or are just feeling extremely lonely I want them to know that they can tell me, and that I will be there for them no matter what everyone else is saying. I believe this show can be very eye opening for anyone who hasn’t thought about how real suicide is and how much it affects everyone involved with the victim. It should not be taken lightly.


3 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why

  1. BethCTech says:

    I’ve heard about this show a lot on social media. I like your positive spin on such a sad topic. And for anyone reading this blog post, life really does get better. Please reach out to others, either a trusted adult or at least a friend, if you ever feel suicidal.


  2. sugarcookiessite says:

    I read the book a few years ago and felt the same way. It sends out a really important message, and I’m glad the Netflix show was made so people who don’t really like to read can also get the message.


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