Hi! I would tell you my name but for safety reasons I am being asked to keep that a mystery. So I am going to attempt to let you know as much about me as I can without revealing my deep dark secrets or something…here we go. So for the most part I lead the most boring yet busy life imaginable, but I love it so I’m not complaining. I go to my high school from 8am to 3pm and just about everyday right after school I have volleyball practice for 2 more hours. And when volleyball season ends I start the schedule right back up with 2 hour softball practices instead. Even when I am home sleeping is rare because I have 2 younger siblings, and that means the volume can get extremely high at times. Fortunately I am now the oldest in the household ever since my older sister moved into college, but that does not mean they listen to me, it just means I have one less person I have to worry about bothering me during what is supposed to be my quiet time at home.  Now my mother and stepfather are wonderful people who I know only want the best for me, even though they have funny ways of showing it sometimes. My real dad was a great man as well, but he passed away when I was only 4 years old, and although I still miss him a lot it makes me happy to talk about him and remember him now. Overall I have a fairly normal family with only a few abnormal qualities, and I would not trade them for anything. I also would never want to replace my wonderful friends who are always there for me. My life isn’t perfect, but nobody’s is really, and even if I do complain and whine a lot I really am thankful for everything God has given me and I am excited to see what he has planned for me in the future, and for him to show me my “why”. Because as of right now I’m not really sure why I am here or what my purpose is for the world, but I can’t wait to find out!