More than Meets the Eye

There are many stereotypical things that could come to a person’s mind when they think about the typical high school junior at a suburban school, but I personally believe that my high school would prove many of those people wrong.

Now I’m not positive that everyone has the same image of what the suburban teen should be, but I have a pretty good idea of what the majority probably think. My guess is that people see us as know it all city kids who don’t like to get there hands dirty, and that our futures either consist of Harvard or jail . Of course there might be some students here that fit “the mold” perfectly, but I’m very proud to say that in my opinion my school is a very diverse place; who is also very good at accepting its diversity and learning to love it. I know many young girls and guys who take animals to our local fair (my best friend for example raises pigs and cows right in her own backyard), as well as people that may not have college in their future but they know what they want to do. These kids apply for a program called CTC, where they can go and specialize in the field they are interested in while also taking math, english, and other regular courses. Again, I’m not saying we break every single stereotype out there, but we certainly make people question themselves, and make themselves ask if they were right about the “common suburban teen”, or if there is more than meets the eye. 4534587320_91ff824404_o