I’m Like You

I’m like you

I love you

yes I used the word love

I want to consume you

Make you smile

I’m like you

refusing to take

but wanting to give

Let me give to you

Let me love you

I am like you.



Peace. It took me awhile to choose the one word I was going to use to describe myself for 2017, but after mulling it over for a good 15 minutes I had decided. Peace. And not because I want world peace or anything (don’t get me wrong that sounds good too), but because I want to find a way to be peaceful with my life and the choices I am making in it. I don’t want to be as stressed about school or friends, but I want to be able to be relaxed and handle everything that comes my way in a calm, and peaceful manner. If I am able to do this it will be a definite change from 2016. I used to think way too far into situations, but I hope to be somewhat of a whole new person in 2017.

Turkey Day

It’s a shame really that people start putting up Christmas decorations and listen to Jingle Bell Rock before Thanksgiving is even celebrated. I feel bad for poor Turkey Day, with it almost always being out shined by Christmas. My family agrees to not do anything festive until the day after Thanksgiving, and I think others should join us in that pact. Recognition for this food lovers holiday is a real issue people, and not one to be taken lightly.

The Plan

I have a theory, and my theory is that God has a plan for every human that walks this earth, whether they believe in him or not. I believe that he allows bad things to happen to us because “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But of course he allows great things to happen to everyone, even if they don’t think they deserve them, to show that his love for us is incredible, and everlasting. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to be a preacher, or that I’m pushing my religious views on you by writing this, but I did want to take the time to write this because I’ve been feeling God working in my life lately. It’s not like you hear this ominous voice coming from the sky telling you not to do something, or giving you directions, it doesn’t work like that. He sits back and watches you make decisions that he knew you would make, and maybe later on you begin to see just why God let it happen. This theory helps me get through the bad times in life. Whenever things aren’t going my way, I just have to remember that God probably knew this was going to happen, and that he has something else planned for me in the future that’s a whole let better than this.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Just recently I have discovered what may quite possibly be the greatest thing that has ever been created in the United States of America, aside from pizza rolls. I am talking about The Office people. It is the funniest, most amusing, wittiest, and laugh out loudiest (I am aware that loudiest is not a word, but the show is just so good it was necessary) show I have ever partaken in in my 16 years of living. I started this show a very short time ago and I am already on season 3, that is how addictively amazing this television show is. The characters are ingenious, for example we have Dwight K. Schrute, a beet farmer/salesman/owner of his own bed and breakfast. According to him he is an expert in hundreds of different fields, and he definitely knows a thing or two about Battlestar Galactica. Another character Greg Daniels, the creator of this wonderful show that I owe a lifetime of thanks too, created is Mr. Jim Halpert. Jim is the perfect combination of sarcasm, charm and seriousness. His favorite pastime; finding a million different ways to get on Dwight’s last nerve, or simply messing with him if he doesn’t feel like working that day. Halpert is also in a love triangle that only he knows about. He is head over heels in love with the receptionist Pam, but Pam is engaged, and has been engaged for 2 years now. Still waiting to see how that one plays out so I will fill you in later. Last but not least we have the star of the show. The boss of the office. The man who is in charge, but still makes “that’s what she said” jokes whenever a sentence could be interpreted in an inappropriate way. This man is Micheal Scott. I would love to describe the many different qualities of Micheal Scott to you, but I do not think I would be able to do him justice. Therefore I will leave you with a request. Please download Netflix, pay the $8 a month, and start binge watching The Office ASAP, because I promise you, you will not regret it. Your life might even be better because of it.













Home or Everywhere Else?

If on your 18th birthday you had to choose to leave your country forever, or stay forever, what would your decision be? This choice for some would be so simple. For me it is one that requires much thought and consideration. If I left my country forever I would basically be leaving my life behind. I would have to start over in a new place, with new people and new opportunities. And if I didn’t already love my life so much this would sound very appealing, but I do. On the other hand a perk of leaving is that after you leave you can travel anywhere your heart desires, besides your home country. A part of me would like to see what it would be like to start over, and have the chance to travel the world and explore with minuscule limits. But an even bigger part wouldn’t be able to give up the wonderful life that my parents have provided for me. I am fortunate enough to have two parents that love me unconditionally (another that watches over me from above), a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and plenty of food on my table every day. So I choose to answer this question with a question of my own. Why would I want to leave such a life behind?

What If?

There are many struggles and hardships that people face in life, but in my opinion one of the worst things a person has to deal with is the feeling of “what if”. Below losing a loved one or an actual midlife crisis, being unsure if you made the right decision is like having a forever weight on your shoulders. Having to look back on a situation and think, “what could’ve been?” is almost tiring. It’s all you can think about, and even when you try to think about something else, your brain always goes back to the same question. What if? What if I had just given it a shot? What if I hadn’t listened to what everyone else was telling me, and listened to myself instead?


As a teenager, sometimes I wish life had a pause button. Or that it would at least slow down so I could have time to catch up. But since we all know that isn’t possible, I resort to just escaping reality for a little while. Several different methods of escape are used based on the type of teen you are dealing with. For some it’s sports, music, art or any other hobby you can think of. Mine used to be sports, but lately it seems as if the main thing I’m trying to take a mental break from is sports. It’s just too much for me to handle sometimes. It feels like I’m drowning in responsibilities and expectations, and just a few seconds of forgetting about all these pressures feels like a 1,000 lb weight being lifted from my shoulders. Life is stressful and really hard sometimes, but you have to decide for yourself if you’re going to give up or keep going because no one can make that decision for you. And dealing with a couple bad days is just the price you have to pay to getting a million great days in the end. Taking a few escapes along the way doesn’t hurt either.

Image Citation: “Sunrise” by Brian Norton https://www.flickr.com/photos/beej2001/3482559108/in/photolist-6iK2uy-4bL1Kj-2c8SsT-yKtCt-nNMx7k-aLzhsk-ai2tGw-fFbYf6-fQkF4D-FZtrsC-p67B1S-7ZGLmW-5cbS8e-nMTM47-4dsMRD-gMKABW-kVgfnH-4dwLRj-jrUjow-b1dxFX-4Qz3Di-6agpWC-fYsSPm-74pRwd-gSsnh1-7tvmZB-73rXMm-7WnTkq-cHbryS-4QDgpN-91dhuY-5SxkGa-7WjB7B-no21fF-rxFNQ1-bAH7wa-7t6ZTV-5WoCjm-ddqM3E-3RAfab-7iY5Di-ausMzs-gwaMaf-avaoBr-auq7BV-4seq1x-jyQSQZ-ausTvq-qom4Ud-4zUVa8 Creative Commons Licensed

The “Actual” Great Debate

J.K: *talking to her characters* If anyone has anything they wish to say, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Snape: “I believe I have something to say…not to insult your writing Mrs. Rowling, but c’mon. I’m a good guy, I haven’t committed any major crimes other than casting a few Unforgivable Curses here and there, but that’s besides the point. My point is that I’ve been doing some reading, and for some unknown reason I seem to be the character you pick on the most and….

Harry: *interrupting Severus* YOU?!?! she picks on YOU the most??? I live in a shoe closet, with a family that can’t stand me! Not to mention that in just about every book I always end up in a huge battle with a new bad guy that almost kills me. Every. Single. Time.

J.K: Boys boys, that’s enough. Let’s settle this in a sophisticated manner. Both of you present your best points, and even though I (as the author) know who I favored and least favored in the series, will tell you who won me over in your “debate”.

Snape & Harry: *both start arguing over each other*

Hermione: HEYYYY! *silence* please just shut up. Harry, you go first, and Professor Snape you can go after him. Let’s all be adults about this.

Harry: Thank you Hermione. As I was saying, you’ve just about killed me seven different times lady. One time by a guy who literally had 2 faces. One near death experience was thanks to a giant snake for crying out loud, and another in some stupid TriWizard Tournament that I didn’t even sign up for!

Snape: My turn! Harry I have a question for you. You complain about all your close encounters with death but, are you dead?

Harry: ….no

Snape: WELL I AM! SHE KILLED ME. I shouldn’t even have to continue arguing my point because that should win it, but I’m going to keep the ball rolling anyways. Harry, she let your mother pick your father over me, and he was just about the most horrid person I had ever met, besides your godfather. And then Mrs. Hot Shot Author over here decides to keep reminding me of my failure with Lily by giving me you as a student! The only thing I am thankful for is that she let me be absolutely terrible to you without Dumbledore ever coming to your rescue.

Harry: *silent*

Snape: HA. Cat got your tongue Harry? Or are you just surrendering because you finally realize that I did in fact get the raw end of the deal in these books.

J.K Rowling: Is that how you feel Harry?

Harry: …I have had the wizarding world’s most known, wanted, and feared murderer after me since I was a baby. And yes, I did actually have to die for a short period of time in order to finally defeat him.

*whole room goes silent*

Harry: I rest my case.

Photo attributed to Sherlocked394 @ http://www.playbuzz.com/sherlocked39410




The Great Debate

I’m going to release a little bit of my inner nerd for this blog post folks. I was inspired to do this topic thanks to a writing prompt I found on a site my english teacher recommended for us. There is where I found the million dollar question: “If all the characters from all the books you’ve read got together and had a debate about which of them deserves to be the most upset with their author, who would win?” I have unfortunately been weened off my old reading addiction thanks to school and sports. However this question required almost no thought for me. The answer was simple; Severus Snape. His author, J.K Rowling, not only managed to make him one of the most hated characters in the series (with the obvious exception of He Who Must not be Named), but also made him meet his untimely demise before the last book was even published. On top of that he could argue the point that he also didn’t get the girl. Instead one of his bullies in school would marry his first love, and later have a child that would forever remind Severus of his failure. Whoever was the inspiration behind Rowling’s Severus Snape must have not given her a good first, second, or third impression.